Foster Care Abuse Lawyer

Foster care is the term used for a system in which a minor who has been made a ward is placed in an institution, group home, or private home of a state-certified caregiver referred to as a “foster parent.”  The placement of the child is usually arranged through the government or a social service agency.  The institution, group home or foster parent is compensated for expenses.

547,415 children were in publicly supported foster care in the United States in September 2000.  In 2009, there were 423,773 children in foster care, a drop of about 20% in a decade.  In 2009, there were about 123,000 children ready for adoptive families in the nation’s foster care systems.  African American children represented 41% of children in foster care, white children represented 40% and Hispanic children represented 15% in 2000.

Within one year of a child’s initial placement in a foster home, out of the 500,000 children who reside in some form of foster care, at least 15 percent of them will experience neglect, abuse, or other harmful conditions.  Six times as many children die in foster care than in the general population.  Children in placement are also far more likely to suffer physical and sexual abuse than other children.  In group homes, where many of the residents abuse each other, there is more than ten times the rate of physical abuse and 28 times the rate of sexual abuse as in the general population.  And these are just the reported cases.  Since foster care agencies cannot always be relied upon to police themselves, the actual rates are likely to be much higher.

Children in foster care experience high rates of child abuse, emotional deprivation, and physical neglect.  These children do not deserve to be continually treated like this.  If you find a child has become the victim of such abuse it is important that you contact an experienced foster care abuse attorney at The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander as soon as possible.  Our child abuse attorneys fight for the rights of abused children.

There are many reasons and explanations why abusive conditions exist in the foster care system and they often vary greatly.  However, long term studies repeatedly show that the primary reason for poor foster care include:

  • Poor screening of foster care families
  • Inadequate monitoring of children placed in a foster care environment
  • Moving children too frequently from one family to another
  • Overwhelmed foster care systems

Foster care agencies have a duty to protect children that they place in foster homes.  It may happen that an agency does not investigate the foster parents, perform or background check, or monitor the conditions or well-being of the child.  The attorneys at The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander will investigate your abusers to determine if the agency should have know.  If you were physically or sexually abused in a foster home, you can recover the civil damages against your abuser and any negligent agencies.

Many foster children are subjected to sexual abuse and molestation from their caretakers, their foster parents’ relatives, or other foster children.  Equally deplorable is the state or private agency that allows these abuses to go on despite complaints from children and family as well as other evidence of abuse.  When a child enters the foster care system it should be a safe and caring environment, where they are protected from harm.  The foster care abuse attorneys at The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander will hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.  If you or a loved one has suffered physical or sexual abuse when in a foster home, our experienced foster home abuse attorneys can help you.  We provide compassionate representation and attentive advocacy to clients who are victims of abuse.  Call us today at 312-425-9100 for a free legal consultation.