Child Sexual Abuse Attorney

A staggering estimate of 80,000 young boys and girls become victims of sexual abuse in the United States every year. Sadly, mental health experts know this statistic to be a far cry from the actual number of sexually abused children due to underreporting. Children, especially young boys, often refrain from reporting their abuse due to confusion, shame, fear and embarrassment.

While the horrific physical harm of child molestation and sexual abuse can never be forgotten, it is the irreversible emotional and psychological damage that robs children of their innocence and tragically affects them far into their adult years. Children who encounter the most serious types of sexual abuse, which involves family members and high degrees of force, exhibit severe social problems ranging from separation anxiety to post traumatic stress disorder.

A perpetrator of child sexual abuse can be a stranger on the street, or may live under the same roof as the victim. Too often, people who commit child sexual abuse are some of the most trusted members of our families and communities. Parents should be able to rely on their church, their child’s Boy Scout group, school, sports league or daycare facility to care for their children, and mothers and fathers should never have to second guess these institutions.

Survivors of sexual abuse should always seek counseling in order to minimize lingering affects of their abuse. Although filing a sexual abuse lawsuit will not erase a survivor’s abuse, it can begin the healing process, render justice by holding the abuser accountable for his or her actions and supply a level of safety and protection for the victim by ensuring that their abuser never comes near them again.